WDSC Winter Meeting

December 12 & 13, 2019

Grand Geneva Resort and Spa

Dr. Charles Blair

with special guest Vanessa Buchheit

Are you working “in” your practice rather than “on” it? Learn to see the big picture, analyze the business side of your practice, and take solid steps toward increasing profitability in an increasingly PPO and corporate environment.

Dr. Charles Blair is dentistry’s leading authority on insurance coding strategies, fee positioning and strategic planning.  He has individually consulted with thousands of practices, helping them identify and implement new strategies for increasing legitimate reimbursement.  Dr. Blair’s extensive background and expertise makes him uniquely qualified to share his wealth of knowledge with the dental profession.  

Vanessa Buchheit has 16 years of experience in the dental field.  After success as an office manager and having a 90% case acceptance rate as a treatment coordinator, Vanessa joined Henry Schein as a practice development coach in 2015 and was quickly one of the most respected professionals in her industry.  Vanessa has lectured extensively and has several published articles such as “Stop hanging up on your new patients” in Dental Economics.  Using her real world professional experience coupled with her mastery of the business and attention to details she now provides coaching and systems implementation that increases production and reduces stress. 

Blueprints to a successful dental practice; There is no secret sauce!
A road map any dentist can follow to exponentially increase the profitability & productivity of his or her practice
  • Necessary KPI’s to track in order to implement strategies for practice growth
  • Proven techniques to increase case acceptance
  • How to increase production and profitability
  • Techniques to improve patient referrals through internal marketing
  • The only way to effectively lower practice overhead

How to finally get your practice’s overhead and cash flow under control – How to create airtight systems that will maximize the performance of every department of your organization while decreasing chaos and stress.


  • Why corporate dentistry will continue to win
  • How to cope with increased competition
  • Fee profiling and PPO strategies
  • Procedure mix enhancement
  • Hygiene department strategies
  • Move from “cost-based” to “revenue-savvy” thinking
  • Planning a productive and profitable future for your practice
  • How to design the winning independent practice model
  • And much more!!!