The Wisconsin Dental Study Club is proud to have some of the finest names in Dentistry lecture at our meetings. Here is a list of some of our previous speakers:

December 2008:  Cathy Jameson, PhD

June 2009:  Gordon Christensen, DDS

December 2009:  Linda Miles

December 2010:  Mark Hyman, DDS

June 2011:  Gordon Christensen, DDS

December 2011:  Bill Blatchford, DDS

June 2012:  Harald Heymann, DDS

December 2012:  Howard Farran, DDS

June 2013:  Jose-Luis Ruiz, DDS

December 2013:  Sandy Pardue

June 2014:  Gordon Christensen, DDS

December 2014:  Cathy Jameson, PhD

May 2015:  Charles Blair, DDS

December 2015:  The Madow Brothers–David Madow, DDS and Richard Madow, DDS

December 2016:  Roy Shelburne, D.D.S

May 2017: Brad Newman, Dentainment

December 2017: Sheri Kay

December 2018: Judy Kay

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